1. How to Get the Most From Your Personal Trainer

      10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Training Sessions If you’re spending valuable time and money on personal training, you deserve to get great results. And a lot of that depends on you. We asked some top-shelf PTs what they wish more of their clients would do in the name of great fitness o…Read More

  2. Personal Trainer: Expectations vs. Reality

    My goal as a trainer is to be real with you. Part of being real is dealing with expectations vs. reality when it comes to your fitness goals. It goes a little something like... EXPECTATION Clients always ask me if one bad meal or missed workout ruins their progress or if one good meal or workout…Read More

  3. Personal Training Vs Group Training

    Personal Training Pros Every workout is customized for you personally. The Trainer will make sure you push yourself to 100% of your ability. Person training will get you to your goal faster. Personal Training has the most accountability for a client with a scheduled meeting. Personal training also w…Read More

  4. Eat How A Personal Trainer Eats

    When it come to getting fitness results you must have a understanding of Nutrition and Macro Nutrients. How does a Personal Trainer eat? This is a great question. Personal Trainers use Nutrition as a tool for results. Based on the Goal at hand they build a nutrition plan that supports the specific r…Read More