I Am Really Glad I Found GFT!

I am really glad I found GFT! The group training is challenging but really fun and I can’t believe how fast an hour goes by! Whether I am attending a group training session or a personal training session, I always feel like I’ve accomplished a lot when the hour is over. I was really nervous when I first joined but the trainers did a great job of making me feel comfortable from day one. Coming here has really made me step out of my comfort zone and its been a really positive experience. My personal trainer, Joe, is exceptionally knowledgeable and with his guidance, I have lost 40lbs and transformed my body beyond my expectations. He is an exceedingly hard-working expert in his field and I plan to be a client for years to come. Thank you so much Joe! I attend group training led by Raj and Matt and they are both great. They are always making sure you are doing things correctly so as to prevent injuries and get results. They are also quick to provide any modifications so that everyone can be productive during group training.

Elia C.