When it come to getting fitness results you must have a understanding of Nutrition and Macro Nutrients. How does a Personal Trainer eat? This is a great question. Personal Trainers use Nutrition as a tool for results. Based on the Goal at hand they build a nutrition plan that supports the specific result wanted. It goes deeper then just bulking and cutting but these are the most simple ways to explain it. When growing or building muscle one must not burn into the protein supply for energy so a increase in totals calories is typically run ie bulking. When leaning out the macros as well as calorie intake will be adjusted to carry less fat, typically some muscle is lost in this process ie cutting. Ketogenic cycling is a plan that is some times used by competitors to keep lean and increase muscle at the same time. So when it come to eating like a personal trainer – it is a science that needs to be measured and precise. Personal Trainers typically determine what plan is best for a client based on clients starting point and ability to work a nutrition plan. Nutrition is important and not to be taken lightly. Please consult our personal trainers before trying a nutrition strategy program on your own.