Personal Training Pros
Every workout is customized for you personally. The Trainer will make sure you push yourself to 100% of your ability. Person training will get you to your goal faster. Personal Training has the most accountability for a client with a scheduled meeting. Personal training also will give you face time with your Trainer to ask questions and gain knowledge on nutrition.

Personal Training Cons
the only main this about this is the cost. Personal Training is the gold standard so to have a good trainer you will have to pay a premium.

Group Training Pros
group training can be fun when you connect with the group. It is a way of finding like minded people to workout with. When the groups have high energy the time will fly by fast.

Group Training Cons
the accountability is on you to show up and it is easy to lose motivation. No trainer to help you with food accountability. During the workout you must push yourself vs having a trainer help you in a one on one setting. Hard to lift heavy due to no trainer to spot you.

When deciding on the right program for you. Please take all things into consideration. Personal Training is great and yields the best results but has a price tag to go with it. Group Training although affordable requires you keep yourself motivated. Both programs require you be consistent and have the motivation to makes changes to nutrition as well as the exercise.